navi-mumbai-fsi-1Will Navi Mumbai get 2.5 FSI? Will Navi Mumbai not get 2.5 FSI? Will we go into the next elections without any concrete result? Will relief come residents living in dilapidated CIDCO buildings before that? There are a million questions in the heart of citizens and activists alike. However, bottom line is that the 2.5 FSI issue was never such a subject of heated debates and discussions as it is today and if the city is to get 2.5 FSI it will either get it this time round. The situation has become now or never ! 2.5 FSI to dilapidated CIDCO apartments – some are desperately praying for it to happen, some are politically using it, some are politically misusing it, activists are waiting to challenge it while the state continues to show apathy towards it. All the action re-started the Manas Sarovar slab falling incident. BJP Thane Chief Suresh Haware, Thane Guardian Minister Ganesh Naik, MP Dr. Sanjeev Naik, MLA Sandeep Naik, Mayor Sagar Naik and the next day Opposition Leader Eknath Khadse made a beeline to the apartment. This was clubbed with political assurances by the ruling and opposition that they would take the issue up in the upcoming budget session of the state in March. And to the surprise of the city, the matter did not end there. The opposition went on to sit on one day protests, road shows while the ruling-front corporators landed at janta darbaar asking the Guardian Minister to expedite the 2.5 FSI issue at the earliest. The allegations are also becoming grave while the assurances more concrete. BJP Thane Chief Suresh Haware has been vehemently demanding the resignation of the Guardian Minister over the issue. On the other hand, when the media posed the issue of 2.5 FSI to TGM Ganesh Naik recently, he brought to light how the state was seriously pursuing the matter up as a committee has been constituted to analyze impact of 2.5 FSI on the existing infrastructure following which the FSI can be brought about. According to the Minister, if 2.5 FSI will be executed on the basis of an impact assessment report, then there will be scientific and fool-proof redevelopment of the city. There’s no doubting that much has been written and reported and continues to be written and reported about 2.5 FSI for Navi Mumbai but there is something different this time. The temperatures have risen to such extent, that one thing is for sure, if the 2.5 FSI has to happen it either happens now or never. With bureau inputs, Sana Warsia for NMTV News.

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