Maleriya-2Malaria is felling Mumbaikars even before the first rains have hit the city. The first eight days of May have lodged 307 cases while April 2009 has registered a 71% rise in incidence over April 2008. Even more alarmingly, the city has already registered one suspected malaria death. Speaking during a press conference, civic health officials blamed the construction frenzy for the spurt and say there is tremendous cause for concern, given that the mosquito menace usually worsens with the monsoon. MCGM Health officer Jairaj Thanekar stated that fogging and other anti-malaria measures also took a beating this year because staffers were busy with election duty. MCGM records say 1,351 cases have been reported this April compared to 790 cases in the same month in 2008 and 1,133 in 2007. Civic health officials said they had taken blood samples from 53,486 Mumbaikars, mostly construction workers, in April and found that 627 were suffering from vivax (a benign form of the mosquito-borne infection), 67 from the more deadly falciparum strain and the rest from mixed malaria. The vivax form was more prevalent even in May, accounting for 283 of the 307 cases. With cameraperson Raju Sharma, Hansraj Kanaujia for NMTV News.

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