diwali-2During the days of Diwali festival although bursting of crackers with earsplitting noise was limited; there was hike in bursting of crackers causing air pollution resulting in increase in level of pollution by 50 to 100 %. A heavy smog hangs low in the air on Diwali night and a few days after that. While we ignore the smell – and some even claim to like it – we can’t ignore the fact that we are inhaling poison. The levels of sulphur nitrates, magnesium, nitrogen dioxide increase, and these chemicals are injurious to our respiratory passages. This Diwali too was no different with air pollution seeing the high graph in the last few days. Apart from noise pollution caused by firecrackers and bombs, a favorite amongst kids, numerous fire accidents also occurred with one even losing his motorbike. While some people shared their views on celebrating Diwali with firecrackers and the air pollution it causes, many said that it was high time that we changed our ways of celebrating Diwali to something more eco-friendly. The Maharashtra State Pollution Control Board had although conducted a month-long awareness campaign in the city advertising messages to control pollution during Diwali, little heed was paid to these messages. We must be aware that in reducing air pollution we all can contribute to some extent by conserving energy. Trees clear up the air around us by giving oxygen and taking in carbon dioxide and so our first step should be to plant more and more trees around us and make the place a healthy living space. With cameraperson Kala Jadhav, Poornima for NMTV News.


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