With Mumbai crime branch cracking major crime cases in satellite city, Navi Mumbai police can just sit back and relax

Did you know that 4 crime branch sleuths of Himanshu Roy’s team stayed as labours in a slum close to rabale in Navi Mumbai for 5 days at a stretch to nab sharpshooters of ravi pujari gang? Chances are that you do not. Right under the nose of Navi Mumbai police, a team of Mumbai crime branch’s officers disguised themselves as labourers and put up for five days in a slum patch in Navi Mumbai where they managed to arrest four shooters of ravi pujari gang. The accused – Raju Jadhav, Yogesh Waghmare, Khwajappa Nagore and Mohsin Khan lived in a slum patch behind rabale police station. A month earlier, these shooters had allegedly fired at a developer’s office in Navi Mumbai. And then last week, it was again himanshu roy’s men who busted one of the major case of Navi Mumbai – the murder of api adau in rabale bank robbery case of 2008. In this case too the Mumbai police arrested three members of the Ravi Pujari Gang and seized a country-made weapon and 10 rounds of ammunition from them. The Jt. CP of crime branch Himanshu Roy said that they nabbed the 3 members at kurla while they were on their way to commit another offence.

The Jt. CP claimed that these accused were also responsible for the death of API Adav and a constable during the rabale bank robbery in the year 2008. The murder of api adau was proving to be a major embarrassment for the Navi Mumbai police as it happened in 2008 and was not solved till recently. While the Navi Mumbai police was continuously failing to arrest the shooters, the Mumbai crime branch succeeded in nabbing them. At the same time, the manner in which himanshu roy’s men stayed in the slums in rabale to arrest pujari’s gang’s sharpshooters not only speaks highly of roy’s team but also exposes the failure of the intelligence sources of Navi Mumbai police who did not know that their own backyard is being used as a safe haven for anti social elements of the underworld. With cameraperson raju sharma, bureau report – NMTV News.

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