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‘Woman in red’ hogs the limelight from the Indian athletes, in front of the world at Olympics

Security at London Olympics definitely receives a few red marks when an unidentified woman managed not only to join the Indian athletes, but also managed to take the centre position along with flag bearer Indian athlete, Sushil Kumar.

The woman in red soon became the centre of attraction who got the name because of her red top, as she stood out from the Indian athletes as they all were dressed in yellow saris and blue blazers. Such an unexpected stunt have stirred a number of questions on security and have also angered the Indian officials who are seeking an apology, as according to them the woman has embarrassed them in front of the world. India’s chef de mission expressed his anger as he stated, ‘the Indian contingent was shown for only ten seconds and to think this lady hogged all the limelight’ not only did she walk amidst all the security but she made her presence stand out as all the other athletes were present in yellow saris and blue blazers while her red top made her stand out as she stood next to India’s flag bearer wrestler Sushil Kumar.

Several newspapers have claimed to identify the woman stating that she is a post graduate from Bengaluru, India. It was further stated that the woman was a cast member who got slightly over excited. When the Indian athletes were entering the stadium a security guy asked the woman to walk between them, the Indian athletes thinking it to be a part of Locog kept walking. The woman who was walking in between soon came in front and started walking next to the flag bearer Sushil Kumar and kept walking inside the stadium. Kiran Kidwai – International Desk, NMTV

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