womenmorcha1Whereon one side the Centre and state takes out various schemes for the development of women on the other side, the organization formed for the aid of women is itself coming in the way of their progress. Santosh Pandey reports from Chembur and tells us more. These women are staging a protest against a women organization named Stri Mukti Sanghatna sitiated in Chembur, which was formed for the benefit for these women. The women are protesting against the management and working of the organization. The women have alleged that the organization while provides poor women with employment fails to safeguard their interest. The money collected by giving employment is supposed to be used by the management for the other women which is allegedly filling the organsation’s coffers. Furthermore, they alleged that there is no security of the employment provided. The women have threatened to intensify their protest, if immediate changes are not brought in. with cameraperson Vikrant baile, Santosh Pandey for NMTV News.

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