lake-1CIDCO’s ambitious Environment Resource Centre at Khandeshwar Lake is in full swing. The construction work of the centre along with the beautification of the lake, which is being done in collaboration of TERI, is expected to be completed by the end of January 2010. Sana Warsia caught up with the Teri head of Mumbai Dr. Anjali Paranis to know more on this project. In a bid to save the water bodies of the city, CIDCO had launched the Environment Resource Centre’ – a Rs 3.5-crore project, near the Khandeshwar lake, Panvel. Under this project CIDCO plans to develop the lake as well as the surrounding area of the lake providing a leisure space to the residents of Navi Mumbai and at the same time maintaining the natural bodies of the city. The center was conceptualized by the Energy and Resources Institute also known as Teri. Speaking with NMTV News, the Teri head, Mumbai Dr. Anjali Paranis informed that initially they had approached CIDCO with a proposal to revive all fresh water bodies in the region, the development of the Khandeshwar lake being the first for them. According to Dr Anjali Parasnis the idea is to develop and maintain the water body and its surrounding area in such a way that it becomes a livesource for bankable water as well as aid educational and research programmes in the future. The ERC would be the central place which will also comprise of a lab, audio visual rooms and display areas. The building would be a green building. Spread over 4.2 hectares of land, the project would be developed keeping in mind two things – eco-friendly and revenue earning. Under its eco-friendly project, the Khandeshwar Lake would be developed along with a theme park, butterfly garden, bamboo court, Bio-methanation plant, composite pits in its periphery. For revenue generation, restaurants, shops and boating service would be included. The revenue earned would be inturn used for the maintenance of the complex. The project also includes a solar tree, which is a first of its kind in the country. The aim is to spread awareness on the use of renewable source of energy. Amidst the project, a 200 year old temple is situated. To ensure that the holy water is not left out in the lake, Teri has diverted the water from the temple to the treatment plant, which would be later used for gardening. With cameraperson Abhay Prasad, Sana Warsia for NMTV News.


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