crystal-3200 employees of Crystal Lace 2 located in TTC industrial belt are on the verge of loosing their employment. The employees are harassed by non payment of salaries and now even the water and power supply to the company has been disconnected. There are several industries in TTC industrial belt that are on the verge of closure. One such company is the Crystal Lace 2, which is an embroidery company. Problems and issues seems to be plaguing this company as since December ’09, the water and power supply to this company has been disconnected. The unhygienic surroundings of the company is now affecting the employees. It must be noted that the work at the company is stopped as there is no power supply and therefore, the employees are forced to sit outside the company. The employees alleged that the company authorities have been harassing them in this manner for the last 14 years. They are not even paid salary which is making life tougher for them and their families. However, the advisor of the company’s labour union Rajan Raje assured that labours would get justice soon. With cameraperson Vinayak Dalvi, Jan Cabral for NMTV news.

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