thane-aids-day2Many awareness programs were held in the city to mark World Aids Day. One was held in Thane which was unique in itself as it saw the participation of eunuchs and prostitutes to spread awareness on AIDS. An awareness rally was held at the district hospital in Thane to mark World Aids Day. The rally saw many students participating where the students raised slogans on the awareness of AIDS. The rally also had doctors, nurses and NGOs participating but what was unique of this rally was that it had eunuchs and prostitutes being a part of spreading AIDS awareness too. Their initiative indeed made the rally a success. We spoke to some of them who stated that we should all do our bits to remove AIDS completely from our society. BYTE 2.20 to 2.47 We also spoke with the Chief Medical Officer of the hospital to know the aim of this rally. On this day we also spoke with Mumbai Mayor Dr. Shubha Raul who informed how hospitals have been taking many initiatives to curb this disease. With Ashok Jagtap, Monika Bhosale for NMTV News.

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