There was a camp organized at the Vashi for diabetes detection and public awareness. The event marked the observation of World Diabetes Day. Worldwide the International Diabetes Federation observes the 14th of November as the World Diabetes Day. The day marks the birthday of Frederick Banting who, along with Charles Best, first conceived the idea, which lead to the discovery of insulin in October 1921. It is both a time for celebration and a time for reflection. This year the focus is going to be on diabetes in the disadvantaged and the vulnerable. The campaign slogan is: Diabetes Care for Everyone. The main aims for the 2006 campaign are to: Persuade governments to tighten the welfare net and raise awareness among people with diabetes or at risk of diabetes of the education, prevention and care available to them. The theme aims to raise awareness of disadvantaged communities and vulnerable groups in both developed and developing countries that experience difficulties in accessing optimal healthcare because they are outside the healthcare system, or for some reason are less likely to access or are less aware of the services available to them. Playing their role Jagannath Cancer Aid Foundation held a camp at Vashi. On the occasion various doctors, and members participated to create awareness about diabetes. The camp was also inclusive of various check up. The camp saw many availing to its benefits. Navi Mumbai News too reiterates the aim of the campaign this year and that is to let the public be aware about the benefits of a healthy lifestyle, a well balanced diet, non-smoking, physical exercise and good medical advice as well as the importance of regular screenings to detect the onset of kidney disease.

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