And now we bring to you a list of the immediate areas of concerns for Navi Mumbai that must be highlighted with the observance of World Earth Day. In Navi Mumbai as well there is destruction and failure to preserve the environment, which could have dire future consequences. These direct environmental abuse can be witnessed in the form of anti social elements and at times even authorities indulging in activities of massive deforestation beating all-purpose that this city ever stood for. Different forms of deforestation are seen when there is cutting down of trees and hills. Secondly, Navi Mumbai being a city close to the Thane Belapur Industrial Belt becomes an exposed target of its adverse affects of pollution. Then are the mangroves. Mangroves are not just a very integral part of the ecosystem but in themselves are an entire ecosystem. Mangroves are the most important natural resource as they contribute significantly to the global carbon cycle, are the sole protectors of the coastlines and support coastal fisheries. With the pollution that Navi Mumbai is subjected to, restoration of mangroves is very important. Navi Mumbai falls on the coast of the country, thus there is abundant growth of mangroves in and around the city. For a long time now complaints of forces destroying mangroves has surfaced here. The most unfortunate part of the whole ordeal is that the local government bodies and authorities that should protect mangroves have turned a deaf ear to the issue. The law of the land strictly orders has set the Coastal Regulation Zone rules and has further restricted any development or activities that will lead to destruction of coastal areas where mangroves have already grown. Sandmines are the next threat to environment. Yet one more environment disaster is evident in the form of quarrying activities. On World Earth Day, lets vow as Navi Mumbaikars to make a difference in whichever way we can to protect environment. Educate yourself and others. The more you know the bigger, more effective difference you can make in your community

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