wed-last1It’s World Environment Day today and planting trees may be the order of the day. But, all of this is nothing, but hogwash. In a city that should be struggling to protect every inch of green cover, cutting trees, mangrove destruction, quarrying and sand dredging activities are also increasing by the day. In our city there is destruction and failure to preserve the environment, which could have dire future consequences. This direct environmental abuse can be witnessed in the form of anti social elements and at times even authorities indulging in activities of massive deforestation beating all-purpose that this city ever stood for. Sandmines and sand dredging are one the biggest threats to the environment. Yet one more environment disaster is evident in the form of quarrying activities. Plans to develop on saltpans that are the last tracts of open space left are another threat to environment. They salt pans and mangroves serve as organic bulwarks to protect the city from nature’s fury. They are natural holding ponds for rainwater and also serve as vital dissipation spaces, allowing the accumulated water to drain into the sea. This city falls on the coast of the country, thus there is abundant growth of mangroves in and around the city. For a long time now complaints of forces destroying mangroves has surfaced here. The most unfortunate part of the whole ordeal is that the local government bodies and authorities that should protect mangroves have turned a deaf ear to the issue. In some cases the authorities themselves are violating laws of the land that was seen in the recent construction of an illegal tarred road in the heart of mangroves on Palm Beach Road. Environmentalist Debi Goenka had pointed out that it is such cases that expose how law implementers for saving environment are destroying environment instead. Environmentalists and civic activists have warned that the city will have to pay as high a price by constant destruction of environment and neglect of saving greenery as it did during the July 2005 deluge. Lets’ vow as to make a difference in whichever way we can to protect environment. Educate yourself and others. The more you know the bigger, more effective difference you can make in your community. On WED, lets save the environment for our future generations. Sana Warsia – NMTV News.

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