dengue-3Unlike previous years, this year the number of malaria and dengue cases being registered is bad. The public is blaming NMMC for the deteriorating hygiene conditions in the city blaming that there has been negligence in fogging and spraying activities by the NMMC Health Dept. If the numbers with the NMMC DMC Health is anything to go by, there is reason for immense worry. The NMMC Health Dept. has registered 99214 cases of which 730 blood samples tested positive for malaria and 33 cases showed signs of Dengu. Out of these, 15 have been sent for dengue tests, informed the officer. He further gave an insight on the precautionary measures they plan to take to control the rising fears of malaria and dengue. However, sources from the NMMC Health Dept. say that not all malaria and dengue cases are registered with NMMC. Hence the number is high as nearly of malaria and of dengue. Private practitioners who spoke to NMTV News said that it is the failure of NMMC’s health dept. that mosquitoes have been menacing the citizens. The NMMC Health Dept. has neither been conducting the fogging or spraying activities regularly and properly and this is the major cause of the increase of mosquitoes in the city. Evidently the general public is unhappy with NMMC. Unfortunately, such grave negligence on part of NMMC Health Dept. is going unnoticed by the public representatives who have not been taking up these issues at the general body meetings of NMMC. With cameraperson Vinayak Dalvi, Sudhir Sharma for NMTV News.

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