xavier-1Xaviers Resource Center for visually challenged has been working for the personal development of the visually challenged people. It began with its campaign called Right to Read since the 1st of January and today more than 555 writers, 47 publications and various educational institutions are associated with the campaign. You can see how this visually challenged person is working on the internet without any difficulty. One would be surprised to know that Anand is pursuing his company secretary course and is also a member of XRCVC. With its powerful slogan “Breaking barriers achieving success”, the Xavier’s Resource Center has initiated a drive called Right to Read. With this the institute has joined hands with 555 writers, 47 publication houses and well known educational institutions like Tata Institute of social sciences to ensure that there is personality development of the visually challenged of the city. The institute provides its students with state of the art equipments one being the Kurzweil 10000CR. This machine reads every word that is printed and a blind person can come to know about each and every document that is been printed. Director of Xavier’s Resource Centre, Dr Sam Taraporewala gave information about the response they have received in the campaign. He also said that they have been facing many problems in converting books as the copyright act 1957 does not permit to convert the formatting of books. With cameraperson Kala Jadhav, Vasudha Dhumak for NMTV news.

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