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Yahoo India Web Firms clear court charges against it on basis of causing communal unrest

A case had been filed by journalist Vinay Rai against Yahoo India accusing the web of hosting objectionable content on its web pages that could have given rise to communal unrest. Along with Yahoo there were 21 more web firms that had been engulfed in the same charges that included Facebook and Google India also.

Although Yahoo had stated on the charges against it that there was no evidence of any kind of document that could have proved that its website has violated any law. The Delhi High Court had said that the summons issued against Yahoo India is kept aside for the time being but the charges can be revived if credible and actionable evidence was filed against it.

The Delhi High Court had also asked Facebook and Google India to develop a mechanism to keep a check and remove offensive and objectionable material from their web pages or like China even they will block all such websites. Kiran Kidwai – International Desk, NMTV.

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