shridevi-2Seventy five year old J P Singhal opened his first ever painting exhibition comprising a mammoth collection of 250 paintings at Jehangir Art Gallery. The subjects covered in the exhibition include his works on Ajantha & Ellora, Adivasis & Rural India, Contemporary Art, and early calendar paintings. The exhibition was inaugurated by the recently turned painter and film superstar Sridevi along with her husband, Boney Kapoor. Known for his inimitable style of painting that incorporates bold brush strokes and vibrant colours, painter j p Singhal gives his subjects vividness and life through realism. At a time, when fine art was written off as kitsch art, Singhal singularly broke creative barriers and gave the genre much needed respectability and admiration among the critics. Singhal brought some of the most amazing elements into Indian photography and art, including what we now describe as the sensual image. He has captured feminine sensuality like no one and pursued beauty like no one. A legendary name in calendar art, J P Singhal is best known as the man who popularized calendar painting as an art form. For a period of 35 years he ruled the world of calendar design producing over 2500 paintings on a variety of subjects including mythology, children, tribals and rural India. Singhal thereafter expanded on fine art paintings and began to choose varied subjects to his portfolio. Two subjects – Rural India and Ajanta – soon began to create a special interest within him. Rural Indians inspired him to travel one end to another end. He observed their lifestyle and transmitted them into paintings in a style unique to him and thereby captured real India on his canvas. One can see the simplicity and the purity in his art. J P Singhal’s exhibition was inaugurated by actress Sridevi and her husband Director Boney Kapoor. Also amongst his fans were actress Poonam Dhillon. Both the actress were awestruck with the work done by Singhal. While working with MF Husain in Gajgamini he was drawn towards Contemporary art. His curiosity about this new style reinvented himself as a Contemporary Artist. He nurtured his feeling by creating modern art. In his words, to satisfy and pamper the child inside him, he made an attempt to create this art and enjoyed at the fullest while doing so. With cameraperson Raju Sharma, Dhiraj Mishra for NMTV News.

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