In another innovative method, St. Mary’s Multipurpose High School and Junior College in Vashi is an institution has installed CCTV cameras at its school premises to ensure that their students are secured and disciplined. Banks and financial institutions in this satellite city, which have witnessed a spate of robberies and dacoities in recent times, can learn a lesson or two from a school here. In a bid to strengthen security and ensure that students behave in a disciplined manner, the temple of learning has turned its attention to CCTVs. St Mary’s Multipurpose High School and Junior College in Vashi is one such institution. Parents entrust their children to the schools and with methods such as bring brings as sense of surety to the parents about their child’s security. Father Joseph, in fact, closely monitors various classes from his “control room” and keeps a watch on the students. Two additional electronic eyes have also been installed at the main gate so that every activity near the premises can be monitored round the clock. Speaking on the changing trend in schools with respect to security, he stated that technology and education should go hand in hand. While local authorities, banks and jewelers are yet to act, this school becomes yet another educational institute to show importance to security. With cameraperson Vinayak Dalvi, Sana Warsia for NMTV News.

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