1st May is celebrated as the Maharashtra day. On this day Labors day is also celebrated. We bring to some of the glimpse of celebration on this day. 1st May is of great significance to the state of Maharashtra as it is this day that the state of Maharashtra attained statehood. In independent India, Mumbai, the bilingual state, continued as one state consisting of Maharashtra and Gujarat. But this equation of two linguistic units in one state did not work and therefore on 1st May 1960, under the Bombay re-organization Act, Maharashtra and Gujarat were divided into separate states. Since then 1st May is celebrated at Maharashtra Day. May 1st also marks International Labor Day round the globe. Labours force forms a very core part of every city and civilization and hence has to be given the due substance and significance. World Labor Day is an acknowledgement of this fact. The day is a reminder of the sorry state of workers throughout the country. A large mass of labors, in fact do not even know that there is a day dedicated to their role in society. In the city, Maharashtra Day celebrations were held. Labour Day was celebrated at Vashi’s NMSA ground. Present during the celebration were the Minister of State for Home Naseem Khan, NMMC Commissioner Vijay Nahata, Police commissioner Ramrao Wagh and others. The celebration began with a parade performed by the police department, fire brigade department. We spoke to Naseem Khan about the importance of Labour Day. While these events marked Labour’s Day – like every year this time too, the day was observed only for record sake. Neither the state nor the center chose to announce any welfare schemes for labours and workers. With the global recession taking a toll on employment and industries shutting down, it is a grim situation for labours all over. And despite this being perhaps the worst year, the day lost its significance in the midst of an election season. Bureau report – NMTV News.

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