nellah-in-vashi1Residents of sector 28-29 of Vashi have raised concern over the nullah that stretches from the centre along the road in front of the societies of this area. According to them, the nullah has become a nuisance, as it is never cleaned by the authorities due to which it has become source of stink and diseases for the residents. Navi Mumbai is known as the city of 21st century. CIDCO and NMMC boast of planning the city in the most modernized way by providing best infrastructure and facilities to the citizens. But the nullah which is stretched along the road in sectors 28 and 29 of Vashi and the amount of garbage and untidiness of the place tell us a different story. Despite repeated complaints from the residents of sector 28 and 29 of Vashi, NMMC is yet to do something about the huge pile of garbage that is being dumped in the nullah in the area and is filled to the brim with garbage. The local residents claim that it is impossible to live nearby due to stink, insects and constant fear of an epidemic outbreak. People fear for their small children as they are more susceptible to diseases that are spread due to the mosquitoes and other insects. Residents fear of health hazard due to garbage and mosquitoes. Also chemical effluents are let out in this nullah from the industrial area. Residents expressed their fury and opined that NMMC should take immediate action against the nullah. Also a surprising fact we came to know when a resident informed that the nullah was never a part of the project when the place was being developed for residential purpose. When we tried to speak to the ward officer of Vashi, he was not available for comments. Vrushali Chitre for NMTV News.

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