tech-fest-3Technology coupled with fun was the mood at IIT Bombay’s annual science and technology festival, TechFest 2009, which started last week. With over 30,000 students representing around 1,000 colleges from across the globe, the three-day festival ended on Republic Day January 26 and saw around 10,000 students compete over science and innovation. If you thought competitions were all about fun, think again. At the IIT-B annual science and technology festival, TechFest 2009, competitions include some serious challenges. For instance, Vertical Limit, where participants were asked to make manually-controlled machines. Among the many attractions, was the Daksh, a state of the art robot capable of being remotely controlled over a range of 500 m line of sight or within buildings. We spoke with the instructor of this machine, Ravindra Waghmare who is from the Pune Defence R&D Organisation about this unique machine. School students, too, got an opportunity to showcase their ideas at Techfest Scholastic. Students came up with some brilliant ideas of combat robots which included NBC Recce Vehicle, unarmed aerial vehicle, mobile automation launcher, BLT Arjun – slide launcher and others. Another attraction of the fest was the Salamandra Robotica which is of an animal model. We spoke to Sebastian Tomczak of Adeled University, Australia to know more on this model. One instrument that cannot be missed is the musical instrument called ‘Toriton’ enables one to play and change sound using water. Many workshops and seminars were also held by foreign teams of USA, Australia, Germany, Switzerland and Spain. Ajaz Khan – NMTV News.

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