petrolThe Navi Mumbai Youth Congress has appealed to the Navi Mumbai RTO to reduce the fares of auto rickshaws and buses. The appeal was put forward keeping in mind the decrease in petrol and diesel prices with probabilities of the fares going down. While the petrol and diesel prices had reined inflation for sometime for the government, the decrease had not brought much relief to the end consumers. It maybe recalled that when the central government had increased the fuel prices, even the auto rickshaw fare had been hiked. But, when the central government reduced the price of petrol by Rs 5 per litre with effect from December 5, the auto rickshaw fares had not been lowered, which has been pinching the purse of the passengers traveling by auto rickshaws. In Mumbai, the price of petrol being Rs 50.03 per litre, the minimum auto fare is Rs 9. Whereas, the petrol price in Navi Mumbai being comparatively lower that is Rs 49.03 per litre, the minimum auto fare is Rs 13, which is an exorbitant amount charged from the unwary passengers. The citizens of Navi Mumbai have been rendered helpless by the compulsory auto fares charged by the drivers and have to pull the strings of their purse, instead of falling into verbal dispute with the auto drivers. Keeping this in mind the Navi Mumbai Youth Congress has sent an appeal to the Navi Mumbai RTO. In this letter, the members appealed to reduce the auto fares and public transport for the welfare of the people, said the President of Navi Mumbai Youth Congress, Dashrath Bhagat. We also spoke with corporator Avinash Lad to know his role in this appeal. When we spoke to the Deputy RTO Officer, Bharat Kalashkar about the decrease in autos, taxis and public transport fares, he stated that this was not a political subject but a governmental one. He however, said they were trying to implement the new rate card for the city. In accordance with the dip in petrol prices, auto fares should also dip by atleast Rs 5 or 7, something that the officer was reluctant to speak on prior to official notice. While the auto fares should have gone down long back, looking at the answers given by the Deputy RTO, one can now only hope that the Navi Mumbai RTO will consider the issue so as to give respite to the passengers in the days of global economical slump. With cameraperson Dhanse Mehboob, Sudhir Sharma for NMTV News.

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