exibhition-1Film industry enthusiast Yug Neelshankar’s exhibition in Mumbai city was a glamorous one considering that the exhibition showcased the journey of the Marathi film industry’s stars since the day of their inception. Vasudha Dhumak visited the exhibition for a report. If you are a movie buff and want to know more about your favorite stars, you end up reading their biographies. This exhibition too is sort of a biography; only here you do not have words but pictures to go through the journey of the Marathi film industries with all their glamour and stars. The exhibition has been put up by Yug Neelshankar. Yug shared with us his experience of collecting pictures that could be seen at the exhibition Giving credit of successfully collecting the pictures from the black and white days of the Marathi and Hindi film industry, Yug gave credit to Vidyadhar Kamat for support. He also shared his perspective and insight on the history of the film industry. The exhibition organized here had pictures depicting the history of the Marathi and Hindi film industry right from 1913 to 2010. Like they say, a picture is worth a thousand words. So if you want to know about the film industry and would rather let pictures speak it to you, this exhibition is a must visit. With cameraperson Kala Jadhav, Vasudha Dhumak for NMTV News.

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