In order to inculcate interest in children of tribal hamlets to attend schools, the state had floated the “Adivasi Vidya Vetan” or the Tribal Education Wages scheme in 1977. The only criteria to avail the scheme is 75% attendance. In Thane, the Zillah Parishad claims that it is spending over Rs. 1 Crore to give 25000 students education wages under the scheme but when NMTV visited a few hamlets, the reality exposes the failure of all such scheme. Monika Bhosale reports. “The foundation of every state is the education of its youth.” —- Diogenes The “Adivasai Vidya Vetan” for boys of SC / ST tribes and the “Ekaatmik Advasi Vikas Prakalp” for girls and boys – under these two schemes of the state, the Thane Zillah Parishad has been distributing wages to boys and girls of tribal hamlets. Under these schemes boys and girls from Std. 5th to 10th are given education wages ranging from Rs. 400 to Rs. 500 for ten academic months. The Education Officer of Thane Zillah Parishad claims that nearly 25000 children of tribal hamlets availed the benefits of this scheme last year. However, we did not have to go very far to explore the truth. Situated not far away from the city, this tribal hamlet exposes the failure of all state schemes to reach education to tribal children. Of the 40 children in this hamlet, only one is studied till 4th Std. The rest want to go to school but there is no school in their hamlet and children have to walk for over an hour to reach the nearest government school. Unfortunately, due to shortage of teachers and lack of will power of the state to do any betterment, schools in most tribal hamlets stay locked for most days in the academic year. This discourages parents and students to go to school. This is the pitiable reality of all almost all tribal hamlets in the state. The government churns in and out a lot Crores of Rupees in the name of education in rural areas but corruption in the system is so deep rooted that these funds never reach the needy. In a system that doesn’t even have schools, teachers and basic education facilities – there can be only one purpose for floating schemes where money is given to students in the name of education

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